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Wap Wap Travel Pillow

Introducing the Wap travel pillow! This inflatable footrest is first-rate for toddlers and is available in two different colors: black and blue, it also supports an up to 10 pounds weight, so your little one can rest in peace.

Wap Wap Travel Pillow Walmart

This kids' travel pillow is an enticing solution for when you're left alone in a house or office, with its inflatable footrest and travel bed, you can easily forget you're alive. The is even top-rated for big family get-aways, the Wap is an inflatable pillow for kids that can be used in your bed. It is straightforward to adopt and makes travel easier for kids, the Wap travel pillow can be attached to a footrest for effortless sitting or sleeping. The footrest can be removed for straightforward removed, the Wap can be used a number of different positions for uncomplicated sleeping. This is a top-rated for kids who covet to stay warm during winter! The Wap is an inflatable footrest that tells time like a call of nature, it is first-class for kids who are digging for a comfortable and warm bed. The footrest also includes a phone charger and a set of alison and mattress reviews-friendly instructions, this bed is additionally portable and can be used outside or inside your home. Looking for a soft and comfortable travel pillow? Assess the travel pillow for kids! This one-of-a-kind pillow is manufactured of inflatable fabric and features an one-of-a-kind inflatable travel bed that can be placed in any kind of bed room, with its trendy and stylish design, the travel pillow is sure to keep your kids entertained.