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Sears Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is top-grade for your little one's room, with its stylish green fleece pillow buddy, they can sleep in style.

Best Sears Travel Pillow

The Sears bird kids indoor sleeping bag is a sterling way to keep your child warm and comfortable when you're sleeping in the cold, the green fleece pillow buddy travel bag spacious for your child to sit or sleep in will make sure they are always warm. The bag also provides a new design that creates a little bird with a green lightsaber over their head, this Sears bird kids indoor sleeping bag is a splendid substitute to keep you and your child warm and comfortable when out of school. This bag gives a soft green fleece pillow buddy on the front and a small Sears trademark on the back, the bag is also while on the go. This soft and cozy travel pillow is an unrivaled way for your little one's bed, with it, they can sleep in a comfortable and warm environment all night long. The bird design is faded and tired and yet still maintain its modern look, it is again water resistant for compatibility with all types of water, including rain. With its soft and cozy design, your little one will be able to sleep tight and all night long, the is a top little pillow buddy. This one is green and presents a cool smiley face on it, it is comfortable and provides the travel bag feature, it comes with a space for you rica and eye of the needle, and a bird on the side. This pillow buddy is sterling for sleep during your travel journey.