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Mediflow Travel Pillow

Themed and well- made, the travel pillow is dandy for your suitcase or packing light when on your trip, the fibres make it difficult for it to be a just a pillow and become an insert for sleep.

Mediflow Travel Pillow Ebay

This travel pillow is best-in-the-class for when you want to rest in a new place, it is produced of 100% bamboo and imparts a tissued fill. The pillow provides a low noise level and is facile to fill, it is additionally lightweight so you can take it with you. Our fibre pillow is fantastic for folks hunting for a comfortable and healthy bed, it offers a comfortable, fluffy pillow for the wrong side of 35 cm. The pillow is produced of high-quality materials, including mica and memory foam, that offer durability and good rebound, the price is at its lowest point yet, at just $6. This travel pillow is manufactured of 100% fibre and is designed to provide ultimate comfort when travelling, it gives an 34 x 53 cm by Mediflow size. The pillow imparts a comfortable feel when you sleep and is fabricated with top-quality materials, the fibre pillow is able to bear up against your body and keep you comfortable while you sleep. When you get a little bit old for this type of sleep, the fabric will aviation-compatible and help keep your body warmest while you sleep.