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Malouf Travel Pillow

Looking for a cozy and comfortable place to sleep in the middle of the night? Then this one is for you! It’s made of soft memory foam and available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any budget.

Cheap Malouf Travel Pillow

This brand new z by Malouf dough memory foam travel u neck pillow in black is just what you need when you need a place to sleep in the middle of nowhere, this pillow is fabricated and is manufactured to last for your equipment. It gives a black color and is produced with 100% organic cotton, the Malouf travel pillow is an unrivaled surrogate to get a good night's sleep. The ez soft, z-shaped pillow is fabricated of memory foam and infuses your body with comfort, the gel-infused foam provides on the day ahead. The pillow also comes in soft rayon style, this pillow is fabricated with shredded gel-infused memory foam and soft rayon for a softer and more luxurious sleep. The unique design is valuable for folks long flights, and it comes in more than one color, the Malouf z memory foam travel pillow is a practical solution for admirers with sleeping problems. With it gel-infused memory foam, the pillow helps keep throughout the night, the soft rayon material is sure to keep your head and body warm and comfortable.