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Happyluxe Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is exceptional for enthusiasts who are searching for a washable pillow, it is 13 x17 inch and features a comfortable sleeping surface. The pillow is produced of warranty-backed materials and is backed by an 2-year warranty, it is straightforward to care for and comes with a washable cover.

Happyluxe Travel Pillow Ebay

The travel pillow with washable cover is a large pillow that will help so your body feels clean and comfortable, it comes with an 13 x 17 inch screen-printed screen and a team of happy designers who took input from you, who can now be your personal washable cover. The pillow is produced with a water-resistantonductive fabric and provides a comfortable, soft-grip shoulder rest, it also features a washable cover and a remote control that lets you fill the pillow with as much water as you want. The pillow is available in black, blue, green, and pink, this pillow is superb for individuals who enjoy to travel. It is manufactured of water resistant fabric and presents a shoulder design, making it enticing for use on airport flights or long-distance travels, the luxurious feel of the fabric and cover will be aerospace-quality sensational for keeping you warm and comfortable when you are home alone. The pillow can easily accommodate a large pillow size, providing all the comfort and function that you need to feel at home in the world, the travel pillow is first-rate for when you need a place to rest your head while on your travels. It comes with a washable cover that can be placed on the pillow at any time, making it first-rate for when you need to get your peace of mind, the travel pillow as well lightweight and comfortable, making it valuable for use while on the go. It is 13 x17 inch pillow and renders a happy lange design, it is manufactured of soft memory foam and gives a softness and softness property. It imparts a water resistant coating and is crocheted with a plus symbol, it is an eps membrane pillow and imparts a remote control to control its washable cover.