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Envy Travel Pillow

The Envy travel pillow is prime for sleeping in the car on airport flights or during office hours, its comfortable, u-shaped design means you'll be comfortable all night long. The team's soft, en suite style means you'll never have to worry about where your pillow is, and its soft, non-toxic materials means you can be sure you travel pillow won't cause any environmental impact.

Cheap Envy Travel Pillow

The Envy travel pillow is top-grade for enthusiasts who are digging for a comfortable and sleeping while on the go, the pillow is manufactured with high-quality materials and is fabricated to sit perfectly on your sleep surface. The u-shaped shape is first-class for suitors who are needs extra sleeping place while on the go, it is again soft and comfortable to sleep in, especially if you have a car air pillow. The Envy travel pillow is a soft and comfortable sleeping travel pillow made for airport ceilings and office space, the unique u-shaped frame is manufactured of soft and comfortable fabric and the soft and comfortable fabric does not chafe your skin. The Envy travel pillow is conjointly facile to care for - just remove the plastic cover every time you sleep, and your pillow will be in top-rated condition, its u-shaped design will fit and office chairs. The pillow can be used as a sleeping pillow or sleep pillow for air travel, it gives a small opening at the top for accurate fit and is manufactured of soft, durable materials. This unique pillow is inspired by popular travel pillows such as the air travel pillow and the plane pillow, the Envy travel pillow is manufactured of soft and comfortable fabric for people who desire to sleep in any spot. It also offers a small hole in the center to tailor any travel pillow (u-shaped or rectangular) and is topped with a comfortable headrest.