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American Tourister 2 In 1 Travel Pillow

The American Tourister 2 In 1 travel pillow is puissant for suitors hunting for an unique and stylish travel pillow, this pillow is fabricated from medium-quality teal microbeads and is available In 2 different designs. The standard design is best-in-the-class for a tired body, while the rose gold design luxurious and stylish, this pillow as well microwave and airtight, making it unrivaled for folks who adore to sleep in.

American Tourister 2 In 1 Travel Pillow Walmart

The American Tourister 2 In 1 is best-in-the-class for a tired traveler on the go, it is produced of 100% polyester and renders a warm and cozy feel to it. The ii convertible pillow is additionally machine-washable and dishwasher-safe, it is both a travel pillow and a bed, so you can enjoy all that fresh air imparts to offer. The bed is produced out of 100% breathable cotton and the airy design means you can move around In it whatever your mood, the cover is furthermore removable for uncomplicated cleaning. This pillow is a first-rate surrogate for people who yearn to explore the world but don't want to spend a fortune, the American Tourister 2 In 1 is a travel pillow that can be turned into a king or butterfly bed. The bed can be tailored to your preference with a variety of microbeads for a more luxury feel, the Tourister can be equipped with a polyester sheet and bedspread to create a luxurious feel. The bed can also be equipped with the character figures for a more hermes touch, this striped travel pillow imparts a stylish red and green design and is fabricated from 100% polyamide. It is produced for two and is size is up to mind - size is important when traveling with a large family, this travel pillow can sleep up to five people and extends a soft, comfortable fit.